Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Camera Loves Marley

Oh, I forgot to post my very favorite one of Marley. Now there's a super model in the making . . .

New Family Pics

Okay kids, prepare yourselves. We just had family pictures taken, and I'm about to post a whole slew of them. Feel free to comment on which ones you think are best because I haven't decided which to print out yet, and I could use some free advice. Although, if you really want to help me, you'd come over and go through all 160 of them with me. I'm just guessing you're thanking me for not posting all of them here . . . .

The Fam

I didn't realize until I was posting these that I had picked out all these black/white and sepia pictures of the girls. There are some really great ones that I like in color, too, but I am seriously not going back through them all again to decide which ones to post here. You're just going to have to deal with the lack of color.

The Girls

Larrin's Glamour Shot

Marley "Looking On"

So much depends upon
Lucy beside the wagon wheel . . .

Slip Up

Okay, so I'm not going to lie: I love wearing skirts. Seriously, nothing is more comfortable than a skirt and sandals, and I feel bad for guys that they don't have such a comfortable clothing option. What I don't love wearing, however, are slips, nylons, and any shoe that would require me to wear aforementioned nylons. In fact, I don't think I've worn a slip since I was in middle school (sorry Mom, but it's true).

I mean, do I really need an extra layer when I'm going for breezy and comfortable? And I hate worrying about that stupid lacy edge showing at the bottom of my skirt. No sir, I've sworn off slips entirely.

So, with that in mind, I was racing to church last week because we were running a bit late (surprising, but true), and Marley had a talk in Primary. We'd gotten about a block, when I noticed a bit of a breeze a little higher up on my legs than I was used to feeling. I looked down, and sure enough, my skirt is about 3 inches higher than it should be. So now, I'm towing Marley with one hand, and frantically trying to keep my skirt down where it belonged with my other hand for the 5 blocks it takes to get to our church.

After Marley successfully gave her talk, and I was about to run to RS, I realized I'd forgotten about half of the things I needed for an object lesson in my Sunday school class. Drats! Out the door again, and I'm walking briskly back home to retrieve the forgotten items.

Once again, I'm fighting the skirt down and starting to feel a bit like a street walker as I walk past several people out for a Sunday morning stroll, and I'm showing a bit more leg than I usually do on the Sabbath.

So I started thinking, "Huh. Maybe a slip would have come in handy in this situation." Right? Is that how they work? Do they keep your skirt from hiking up? I can't really say from experience, but it seems like they could do the trick.

Now, have I become converted to slip-wearing? No, not really. I guess the inconvenience of actually purchasing and wearing a slip outweighs the embarrassment of flashing a few pedestrians on my way to church.