Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sushi Anyone?

I guess I've decided to come out of the blogging hole I've been hiding in for the last few months (was it really March when I last posted??) now that we've moved far, far away and I can't just tell people about the awesome thing I did tonight. You know, at least not in person.

Tonight, my friends, I made sushi for the first time! I know. Is that not seriously so cool? Ellis and I love sushi, but we rarely get to go out to eat it. So I thought, hey, how hard could it be? I got myself some toasted seaweed, a rolling mat, and some sashimi grade tuna and went to town.
For the adults, we have your classic Philly rolls, and my version of the so yummy "Jenny roll" that I had at Tsunami a while ago with (who else?) Jenni. My version is, of course, called the "Jenni Roll."

I made a tamer roll for the kids with cooked crab. I cut them smaller, too, so they'd be able to manage them better, and the rolls got a little smushed in the process. The presentation is lacking here, I know, but the kids had fun messing around with the chopsticks.

Ellis enjoys his rolls with wasabi and soy sauce.

I like mine 'al natural,' the way they were intended.

And the girls mostly liked the fortune cookies. I know, I know . . . fortune cookies don't really fit the Japanese theme, but let's be honest, the girls aren't exactly sushi aficionados.

Yes, attempts were made to eat the fortune cookies with chopsticks.

FYI: In my quest for sushi-making knowledge, I discovered that sushi is not meant to be eaten with chopsticks but is supposed to be eaten with your hands. (Jen, you don't need to master the chopsticks after all!)